Aviation Web Content Writer

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Do you have creative writing skills and a technical background in aviation? Are you passionate about flying and sharing your experiences with others?

We are looking for an excellent web content writer to provide quality articles, training tutorials, and web page content writing. The objective is to provide additional value and insight for our clients.

Our typical clients are owners of high-end piston aircraft or entry-level turboprop or jet aircraft. Writer must be familiar with aviation topics and terminology, and have the ability to write with technical accuracy.

This position is a limited part-time contractor opportunity and can be done from anywhere in the world providing you have your own computer and are proficient at typing, have excellent grammar, and can provide flawless technical expertise backed up by acceptable reference material. This is a great opportunity for a flight instructor who wants to earn a little extra cash on those rainy days when he or she can’t fly. It also provides the opportunity to build a reputation as an online subject matter expert.

Typical topics include:

  • Aircraft purchase considerations
  • Aircraft buying considerations
  • How to improve your airplane
  • How to manage your maintenance
  • Tips for aircraft owners
  • Engine management
  • Flight planning
  • iPad apps and aviation gadgets
  • Product reviews of your favorite aviation accessories

Desired Qualifications:

  • Flight Instructor and/or Professional Pilot
  • Experienced in Technically Advanced Aircraft (TAA), turboprops, or jets
  • Proficient with computers, typing, and correct grammar usage
  • Technical accuracy and ability to provide supporting reference material
  • Candidates are encouraged to include a writing sample with their application.

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