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At Cryptohopper we’re looking for an Android Native Developer to join our team.


You probably think cryptocurrency trading bots are like the current housing market. A black hole for many, a goldmine for few. However, these bots should be leveraged by a lot more people, because, well, they frigging work wonders. 😉 While the early adopters have been mining cryptos since the beginning. HODLING their investments for the big win. You might still be HOLDING on to your traditional savings, thinking the crypto-ship has sailed…

But hey ho, hell no. There is crypto-hope on the horizon. And we invite you to embark on our mission to simplify and clarify our ‘mysterious’ product. To all. Including yourself, your friends, (grand)parents and that nerdy nephew who keeps pestering you with terms like FOMO, FUD and Satoshi. Take those shitcoins and run, kiddo!Â


Forecast: raining FOMO

Do you ever trust the weatherman? Neither do we. But we do trust the unbeatable experts on our Cryptohopper team. And they predicted FOMO season is coming. Of course you may think this is a far-fetched prophecy. But we’ve been back-testing our gut feeling since the early days and we were rarely wrong. So. Buckle up. We prepare for storm.


Android App Developer?

Turn right if you want to develop an edge-of-your-seat app that creates an awesome experience for our traders. Prepare to snuggle up (currently not too closely) to our product teams, so you can build (and run, and love) the exact app our users need to trade on cryptocurrency markets. To succeed, you have to be versed in Kotlin and Java, and willing to get up close and personal with up-and-coming tooling. Including tech that you introduce to the stack. This is the perfect position if you combine ‘hardcore’ coding skills with a ‘security first’ mindset and are excited to learn about crypto trading and blockchain technologies


Hi, we’re the stack.

Kotlin and Java, JUnit, Truth, RESTful APIs, Git, Bitrise.


You know you got this if.

  • You have 3+ years of experience as an Android Native app developer
  • You dream about Kotlin, Java, Android’s design principles and application interface guidelines
  • Your lunch break experiments sometimes get out of hand. One time you accidentally developed an app that correlated caffeine intake with sock funkiness. And it worked
  • You have knowledge of automation and testing methodologies used for automated testing (JUnit, Truth), familiar with RESTful API’s, offline storage, threading and perfomance tuningÂ
  • Proficient in code versioning tools such as Git and familiair with push notifications, APIs, and cloud messaging
  • Experience with continuous integration (CI) and continuous deployment (CD) solutions such as Bitrise


What we offer.

A mission-driven culture with a great work/life balance and a good benefits package. Sure, we work hard to get sh*t done, but we also regularly push our moustache (sorry, it’s a silly joke for Dutch readers) for a VR gaming session, picnics in the park, indoor bouldering, drinks at the pub, live DJ sessions and whatever happens in our (wo)man cave – and probably best stays there. The setting aside, we also:

  • Pay you (pinky promise!): between EUR 55K and 75K per year [skill dependent]
  • Allow you to work wherever, including 2 days at our Amsterdam HQ
  • Send you on your merry way for 25 days each year, minimum (more is negotiable)
  • Provide you with great gear; a high-end laptop and whatever else you need to succeed. Perhaps an AI-driven desk chair that *knows* when you want to lean back?
  • Lifetime Cryptohopper subscription (if you don’t break our BFF vows)
  • Shower you with extras, like trading benefits, a generous training budget, and (mom will be proud!) the opportunity to work in a domain that accelerates financial inclusion for the unbanked
  • Pour you a stiff drink on Fridays, coffee that won’t make you wish you chose tea, and lots of mind-blowing feedback on your work, hobby’s, and pets. And we sincerely look forward to hearing what’s on your mind, too.



Ready to virtually meet our engineers?

We don’t require (in fact, please don’t) a motivation letter; we’d rather have a good chat and tell you everything you want to know. About life, the universe, and everything! Mail your resume to [email protected]. More information? Call or WhatsApp Laura at +31614886381 (n/a for trading insights 😉

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