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Worldwide, the world’s #1 business messaging application, is expanding its engineering team and is seeking an experienced Back End Developer, with research and data analysis skills, to proactively support and contribute to our programs.

With more than 3 million business customers and over 1 billion brand interactions per month, has established a global audience and industry following.

We’re looking for a triple threat. A motivated, talented and experienced Senior Android Engineer to come and join our growing family at Help us to achieve our goal and enable businesses to speak to their customers and turn interactions into lasting relationships.

The objective is simple but the results will bring ongoing value to all businesses, regardless of size or how far into their journey they are. Yet we can’t do it alone.

We truly believe in what we do and we’d like you to join us on our voyage. Make the most of this incredible opportunity, join our passionate team and let’s make it easy for millions of people around the world to communicate, together!

Qualified Candidates:

  • • You love to code. You love to take raw ideas and build great products using code. Code is your way of changing the world.
  • • You use Kotlin as your main battle sword but not afraid to use Java.
  • • You have strong understanding of Android components such as Android Room, Android ViewModel, Android LiveData, Android Lifecycles, ConstraintLayout.
  • • You love the Android platform, you embrace Android fragmentation and build an application that works well with various Android version and devices.
  • • You want to ship new products and features to customers (or improve existing ones).
  • • You care about more than just the code. Your code is not only reliable and performant for customers, but can be read, maintained and understood easily by other engineers on your team.
  • • You understand the intricacy of developing for mobile with limited battery, cpu power, memory, data and connectivity.
  • • You take pride in your work and ownership of the solutions you build. When a team member or customer is in need, you feel a sense of urgency to understand their pain and thoughtfully help.
  • • You spend most of your time coding, but you also have an eye for great design and a feel for great UX.
  • • You love learning new things. In the ever-changing engineering world, you continuously learn about new tech and exploring areas that you might not have experience with yet.
  • • You believe in writing unit and integration tests and have at least tried TDD. You like owning the quality of the code you write — QA doesn’t mean throwing it over the wall for someone else to test. You understand that some things are too costly to automate and must be manually tested to get it right.
  • • You understand the difference between ownership of code and attachment of code. You own the code but you’re not attached to the code and be able to take input objectively.

About the role

  • • Plan and build product features on the Android platform
  • • Work with the product manager and designer to achieve UI/UX inline with Android
  • • Fix bugs and performance issues
  • • Communicate with internal APIs and external APIs
  • • Help customers with issues they are having to ensure they have the best experience possible.
  • • Write documentation for implementation
  • • Communicate the status of test development to the appropriate channels


We are able to offer a competitive salary, depending on your experience and demonstrated capabilities.

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