Agency Marketing Content Specialist

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We’re looking for an absolutely stellar copywriter—a creative mind who can understand audience needs and craft a compelling narrative that resonates. You’re great with grammar and comfortable with both conversational and technical tone. You ask thoughtful questions about the goals of a piece and its intended audience. You’re comfortable speaking with subject matter experts and extracting the information you need to support your story. You start with outlines, ensuring a thoughtful information architecture for your copy. You understand what it means to write for SEO/keyword strategy and you know how to do it. You infuse creativity and intentionality into you’re work, and you’re capable of taking complex technical subjects and making them approachable for broad audiences. You dig writing, you’re really good at it, and you have solid experience copywriting in a marketing capacity.

You’ll work closely with the rest of our marketing team on content creation for campaigns, websites, and events. You’ll collaborate with our marketing producer to ensure that our content is thoughtful, creative, and speaks to specific goals and audiences. You’ll work with our internal discipline directors to gather input for content pieces, and you’ll partner with designers to ensure that copy and design work in concert to create something high-value content.

TL;DR: We’re looking for a talented and experienced copywriter who’s passionate about messaging and connecting with audiences across a variety of channels. You’re excited to collaborate with other team members to produce high-quality content that engages your audiences. You understand what it means to “write for marketing.” You’re a *creative,* motivated, and organized self-starter.


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